Frequently Asked Questions

  • Timeet’s Website and App

    1-What is the requirement of installing Timeet on windows?

    Users can easily access Timeet through its website and select and activate a package most suitable to their needs in order to gain access to their management panel at any moment of time.

    2-What web browser do you recommend for

    Timeet is accessible through all web browsers.

    3- Where can Timeet’s mobile application be downloaded from?

    Timeet’s mobile application can be downloaded directly from its website.

    4- On which operating system can Timeet’s app be used on?

    Timeet’s mobile application runs on all android and IOS operating systems

    5- What is the normal battery usage for using the Internet and location services when using Timeet’s mobile application?

    Battery consumption for Timeet’s mobile application has been optimally designed and staff members only need to use the location services of their smartphones during checking in and out of work (recording their arrival and departure hours).

    6- What is the difference between Timeet’s web application and mobile application?

    Timeet’s web application has been designed to allow managers to review information recorded and requests made by their employees. The Timeet mobile application can also be used by employees to record their arrival and departure hours, leave requests and other requests in order to gain access to reports of their working activities at any time.

  • Admin Panel

    1- What are the features of Timeet’s admin panel?

    Users based on the type of purchased package have access to reports and information related to the work of their employees as well as being able to upgrade their current panel and purchase new employee packages as when needed.

    2- Why can’t the reports of employee performance be defined in the admin panel?

    To access the performance of your employees, you first need to define the shift rotas.

    3- How can arrival and departure hours be recorded on public holidays?

    When defining the shift rotas, you can define the working days and hours of each of your employees.

    4- Why is verification for arrival and departure hours of users at any location allowed?

    In the 'management of employees' section in settings, the symbol next to the verification option (enabling tracking at any location) can be disabled and then you can define locations for each of your employees.

    5- What is the need for licenses when purchasing packages to activate Timeet?

    Timeet with its advanced and unique design provides its users with a specialised panel and for this reason licenses are required to support access and use of advanced servers to deliver its services.

  • User Access

    1- Is a specific device required to record arrival and departure hours of employees?

    No, employees can easily record their arrival and departure times and all that’s needed is for you to enable the location service on your smartphone.

    2- If an employee hasn’t recorded their arrival and departure hours or has done so with a delay how can this be edited?

    The user under the Performance Report Modifications section of requests can correct their attendance so that the relevant manager can confirm and record this information.

    3- How can an employee edit their information?

    Users can check and edit their personal information in their profiles.

    4- Can employees record their arrival and departure hours if they use software that changes locations?

    No, with Timeet’s advanced servers, it does not permit employees to record information when using such software.

    5- What requests can be recorded and tracked by the mobile application?

    Employees can at any time record and track leave and mission requests and to modify performance reports and these can be started when doing their own projects in order to retrieve a complete report of their activities each month.

    6- How is the privacy of users information being ensured?

    Timeet commits to only disclosing the information recorded during business hours to managers and not to disclose user information to managers and others outside of specified times (for more information refer to Timeet’s Terms and Conditions, Obligations and Responsibilities)

  • Timeet Prices

    1- Why do we need to pay for licenses when purchasing packages?

    Timeet with its unique design, provides its users with an engaging admin panel and easy-to-use features and for this reason licenses are required to support the access and use of advanced servers to respect user rights.

    2- What is the monthly cost of employee packages?

    Monthly charges for employees has no limits on time and is intended for the convenience of managers whereby after purchasing their package for up till one year, depending on the number of active employees they can use the selected package (For more details on packages please see the help section of the site)

    3- What is the use of a credit card wallet?

    Costs are based on the amount of “licenses of packages” and “monthly packages of employees”. In the case that the user wishes to upgrade or in instances they have not used all the number of employees in the purchased package the difference in cost shall be calculated and can be applied to the Wallet of the users, accordingly.

    4- What is the cost of keeping employees records in the admin panel?

    Mangers after deleting their employees from the system, can access their registered information monthly by paying a fee and based on the purchased package

    5- What is TimeeX?

    TimeeX is the number of your active employees multiplied by 12 months

  • Support

    1- What can I do when a problem occurs for the service outside of working hours?

    Timeet’s support team is available online to answer your questions at at all times. For more information refer to our telegram channel.

    2- How can I communicate with Timeet?

    You can contact us through our online chat and our email address