Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of Timeet is intended to respect the privacy of its users such to provide a better service at their satisfaction. In this regard, upon logging into the Timeet website when using personal profiles, incentive plans, accessing accounts and purchasing services at any time means that the user has fully accepted all terms and conditions.

  1. When creating an account for registering in Timeet’s website and using its services it is necessary for the following to be considered:
    1. Complete the profile form by providing information such as first name, surname, mobile number, …
    2. Each person is only allowed to register one account.
    3. The mobile number registered must be active so that the user can be informed though SMS notifications as well as allowing the Timeet support team to communicate directly with users when necessary.
    4. The commercial use of Timeet’s services is contrary to the provisions herein and if this is believed to have been down the account holder will be held responsible.
    5. Upgrading and purchasing new packages is possible through users accounts under Continuation and Upgrade.
    6. Upon expiry of the validity of Timeet’s packages, if the package is not renewed, registered information is available to users for up to 15 days and after that period the information will only be available subject to paying the amount as specified in their accounts under the upgrade section (only for access to information) for a specified period of time.
    7. Without the permission of the mobile phone owner, Timeet may not at any time be installed.
    8. All of Timeet’s services have their own terms and conditions and the user has the right to choose an account.
    9. According to OFAC and EU policies, Timeet is not available in sanctioned countries.
  2. Costs of using services and payments
    1. By considering that to be able to use Timeet’s software internet is required, the user is responsible to pay for internet costs and other related costs.
    2. Costs of packages and user fees can be paid through Timeet’s website or its telephone service. No refunds are available and the user may only use the services purchased.
    3. License rights are for providing services of quality and ensuring the security of personal information and in this regard the user must pay its fees depending on the packages that they have purchased.
    4. License rights are for providing services of quality and ensuring the security of personal information and in this regard the user must pay its fees depending on the packages that they have purchased.
  3. The intellectual property rights of Timeet’s software and all that related to it, including its name, trademark, services provided under this name and so forth are all owned by the Percog Co. and its members and hence:
    1. Users are only permitted to use the services in a restricted and non-exclusive manner under the terms of this Agreement and the use of logos, photos, instructional videos and designed tests does not mean ownership of any software.
    2. Users cannot modify, reproduce, rewrite or even use Timeet’s software to produce a similar program.
    3. Users are permitted to use the services and contents of Timeet’s website unless otherwise stated within this agreement and have no rights in selling, transferring, downloading and or publicly displaying this content. In the event of any violation, the Percog Co. will pursue its formal complaint under the Cybercrime Act.
  4. User Commitments
    1. Users are permitted to use the services and the content on the terms set forth in this agreement and are not entitled to rent, sell, transfer, download or display it publicly.
    2. People may not share or transfer their account for use by any other person.
    3. In the event that the user uses software that changes their location, the user shall not be allowed to record arrival and departure hours.
    4. The way to communicate with users is through email and the mobile number they enter when registering and hence users are obliged to check their emails and SMS messages.
    5. When defining employees in the management system, the unique code of their smartphone will be registered in Timeet and in this regard employees are only allowed to install Timeet on one smartphone in order to record their arrival and departure hours and henceforth, managers must ensure that their employees have installed the application only on their main smartphone.
    6. In the event that the user’s smartphone has been lost and or changed, managers can edit their device code under the employee section of their accounts to allow information to be recorded using their new smartphone.
    7. Users only need to turn on their mobile location when recording arrival and departure hours.
  5. Company’s Commitments
    1. The company is obliged to provide quality of service and in this regard as to improve the level of services they must update softwares required by its users.
    2. The company is obliged to protect users' registered information within Timeet’s software.
    3. Timeet does not have access to personal information and location-based information of people outside of business working hours and hence all such information shall not be sent to managers and related people.
    4. The information recorded within the system is only available for related managers and shall not be accessible to third parties.
  6. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
    1. This agreement is under local regulations and in this regard Timeet and its team and all its users are obliged to comply with the rules stated within this agreement.